Sandwich Smarter: Legal Forms for Families
Founder of Sandwich Smarter Jen Randolph Reise. About

Jen Reise

Millions of Americans are juggling raising and launching their own kids at the same time that their parents are aging and need more support: the caregiving “sandwich”. Important parts of this caregiving are legal or legal-adjacent in nature: contracts, wills, powers of attorney. But hiring a lawyer for personalized documents easily costs thousands of dollars.

Enter Sandwich Smarter. Our mission is to help people access high-quality forms and resources as a much cheaper alternative to hiring a lawyer. We believe that families just need a little help to have and memorialize important discussions – for instance, agreeing on expectations when a kid gets their first smartphone. (See the “Smartphone Contract – Tween/Teen At Home.”) And we want to help families use the law to protect themselves from known risks, like an international grandparent-kid trip derailed by a border agent concerned about whether the kids are allowed to be taken out of the country by these individuals (see “Minor Travel Consent and Medical Power of Attorney“).

Sandwich Smarter is run by two moms, one a lawyer and one proudly not a lawyer, who are both juggling raising teens and helping aging parents. And we’re just getting started. Sign up for our email list or join our Facebook group to get notified about new products and resources to help you sandwich smarter.


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These templates are a starting point. They may not be appropriate to your individual circumstances or in your jurisdiction. For personalized advice, you should engage an attorney. Sandwich Smarter and its affiliates do not guarantee, and are not liable for, the validity or enforceability of these forms across all jurisdictions.