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Decision Day – Before and After

May 1st is also known as Decision Day in the world of college-bound students. It’s the day by which they need to accept the offer of admission to a college, so for many students it’s the day to choose between the offers they have received. It’s a big decision!

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Son being dropped off at college

The Essential Off-to-College Supply Guide

Graduation is fast approaching! What do you really need when your launching your young adult off to college? Check out this guide to see the items they will find indispensable when it comes time to style and organize their new digs.

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Colorful cannabis gummy bears. Exploring Marijuana, CBD, cannabis, and hemp

Exploring Marijuana, CBD, Cannabis, and Hemp

Women in their 40s and 50s (like us at SS) are a fast-growing segment of U.S. legal cannabis users, closely followed by older Americans. In other words, sandwichers are trying the new array of products on ourselves and the elders we care for, often for stubborn problems like pain, anxiety, and sleep.

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Am I Really a Caregiver?

Most people don’t identify themselves as a caregiver. Rather, they think of themselves as a daughter, a son, a parent, a spouse, a grandparent, or a grandchild. The things you do for others and the responsibilities that you shoulder are done out of love and with love. This is definitely how I saw myself until a family medical crisis thrust me into a more formal role with an official name – “Family Caregiver”.

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elders using laptop

Tech for Elders

In Part II of our Aging in Place with Grace series, we are tackling the topic of Tech For Elders. As our loved one’s cognitive abilities decline their ability to use the technology they once did can decline as well.

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