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Graduation is fast approaching! What do you really need when you’re launching your young adult off to college?

Check out this guide to see the items they will find indispensable when it comes time to style and organize their new digs.

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Decision Day – Before and After

May 1st is also known as Decision Day in the world of college-bound students. It’s the day by which they need to accept the offer of admission to a college, so for many students it’s the day to choose between the offers they have received. It’s a big decision!

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Increase Space and Comfort

Start by creating more space UNDER the bed with these bed risers that come equipped with extra outlets and USB plug-ins.  Now that you’ve got that bed raised you have room for storage under there.  These moving bags are indispensable for not only moving your college kid into the dorm but they work great for under the bed storage too.  If there is a need for a more “stylish” option – these foldable storage boxes come in a variety of colors and can be folded for compact storing when not needed.  A bedside shelf or caddy keeps everything close at hand while studying or sleeping.

Now that we’ve got the bed nicely organized, let’s make sure it’s comfy and cozy.  A mattress topper is the perfect way to rejuvenate a much-used dorm room bed for a good night’s sleep.  Keep the spills and the bedbugs at bay with a waterproof mattress cover – this one is virtually indetectable under the sheets.  We can’t forget the sheets – XL, deep pockets to accommodate the mattress topper, soft, plenty of colors to choose from – perfect!  

Keep the air flowing with this super efficient and whisper-quiet fan or a small air purifier

Next stop – over the bed.  Everyone can use some shelves, and these add storage without damaging dorm room walls. If your child is like mine, a place to decorate is ESSENTIAL! Grab a large whiteboard and/or bulletin board for both decorating and staying organized.  A variety pack of Command hooks are the perfect way to hang items without marring the walls.  It’s a good idea to grab a pack of larger hooks for clothes, robes and towels too!

Bathroom and Laundry Solutions

Let’s head on down the hall to the bathroom in our shower sandals or if you love a good flip-flop these are a great pick.  A shower caddy is the perfect way to get all of their toiletries back and forth. Our pick is one that has a handle to carry it, a hook to hang it in the shower and a waterproof pocket for a phone that allows for swiping and texting without exposing it to water.

At some point laundry will need to be done – while either bringing it home or attempting the task on their own, they will need a vessel in which to carry it. This backpack style laundry bag has a  spot to hold some laundry detergent – it gives them a good nudge to get them to give it a go themselves!

Study Aids and Tech

At most colleges, your student will need a laptop, but it can be a fairly basic model like this one. You could also decide to step up to a touchscreen laptop, which will allow them to take notes with a stylus, or an ultra-light laptop that will be easy to carry around campus; the Windows Surface Pro does both.

Let’s not forget about items to aid in studying! My student uses noise-canceling earbuds constantly, and swears by AirPods specifically to block out distractions.  A lap desk helps students work comfortably in bed or on the couch. 

Finally, get a couple of power strips that include USB ports, to protect all this tech. Many colleges require power strips – NOTHING else may be plugged into the wall!

I hope this list gives you a good starting point as you prepare to launch your young adult.  Next up an emergency kit.  Check back soon to see the contents or better yet….. 

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