Sandwich Smarter: Legal Forms for Families

Decision Day – Before and After

May 1st is also known as Decision Day in the world of college-bound students. It’s the day by which they need to accept the offer of admission to a college, so for many students it’s the day to choose between the offers they have received. It’s a big decision!

The Essential Off-to-College Supply Guide

Son being dropped off at college

Graduation is fast approaching! What do you really need when your launching your young adult off to college? Check out this guide to see the items they will find indispensable when it comes time to style and organize their new digs.

Honest Review: Life 360

Teen driving life360

Realizing this is a very controversial topic, I decided I would be brave enough to reveal a secret. I LOVE Life360.

Covid Withdrawal Attestation

student in mask

We created this form for a young adult who had to take a leave of absence from college, withdrawing in the middle of a semester, after a terrible bout of Covid left them far behind in classes and with lingering cognitive issues.

Personal Loan: Note & Agreement

Dollars changing hands. Personal loan to family or friends

Making a personal loan to a friend or relative can get messy if you don’t treat it properly. Easily negotiate and document the terms and get a calculator for payments and interest with this tool.

Car Loan Consent

person driving car. Car loan consent

Loan or borrow a car from friends or family easily and safely with this customizable agreement.

Medical Power of Attorney for Young Adult

Medical professional takes notes on a clipboard. Medical power of attorney for young adult hospital clinic doctor nurse teenager teen

Easy-to-use form of medical power of attorney. Once a child is 18, parents can’t talk to doctors or get information – unless they have the right forms in place first.