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Personal Loan: Note & Agreement


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Loaning money to a friend or relative can get messy if you don’t treat it properly.  You want to make sure that all parties involved understand the terms of the repayment and how the loan should be treated no matter what life throws at you.  To avoid conflict in the future it’s best to begin with clear communication.

This form was designed to provide proof of a friendly loan and the terms thereof. Such proof will be critical if one of the parties dies or becomes incapacitated, or if there is disagreement in the future over the terms.  We included an amortization schedule so you can easily calculate interest (if applicable) and repayment amounts.

This form is also designed to help people think through important options with an interpersonal loan, namely:

  • Should it bear interest?
  • When should it be repaid?
  • Is repayment in a lump sum, or over time?  

This bundle includes:

  • Note & Agreement
  • Amortization Schedule

Like all our products, you get an editable Word document with instructions and commentary to allow you to enter your family’s information and customize the form to your needs. This bundle also includes an editable Excel spreadsheet to allow you to determine your payment schedule. Your download is available immediately after purchase.


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