Sandwich Smarter: Legal Forms for Families

Am I Really a Caregiver?

Most people don’t identify themselves as a caregiver. Rather, they think of themselves as a daughter, a son, a parent, a spouse, a grandparent, or a grandchild. The things you do for others and the responsibilities that you shoulder are done out of love and with love. This is definitely how I saw myself until a family medical crisis thrust me into a more formal role with an official name – “Family Caregiver”.

Tech for Elders

elders using laptop

In Part II of our Aging in Place with Grace series, we are tackling the topic of Tech For Elders. As our loved one’s cognitive abilities decline their ability to use the technology they once did can decline as well.

Aging In Place With Grace

elders at home

If your elder decides that aging in place is the best option for them you need to make sure that they are set up for success!

Hospice Questions Answered

A person in a wheelchair and their caregiver look out over mountains. elder care caregiving hospice questions answered

The topic of Hospice Care came up at recent visit to the Dr’s office with one of our elders. We had some questions!

Personal Loan: Note & Agreement

Dollars changing hands. Personal loan to family or friends

Making a personal loan to a friend or relative can get messy if you don’t treat it properly. Easily negotiate and document the terms and get a calculator for payments and interest with this tool.

Car Loan Consent

person driving car. Car loan consent

Loan or borrow a car from friends or family easily and safely with this customizable agreement.

Checklist for Elder Care

Person using a walker with the help of a caregiver. Elder care checklist

Checklist of documents and resources for elder care, to help adult children think through issues as they care for their aging parents.