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Checklist for Elder Care


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Millions of Americans are helping an aging parent or other elder transition into needing more care, estate planning, and thinking about medical directives. It’s a lot, and you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. 

This is a comprehensive checklist of forms, legal documents and information you need to gather to properly help facilitate the care and well-being of your aging loved one. We’ve done the work of compiling a list so that you a) don’t have to struggle to figure this out on your own and b) don’t overlook an important piece of the puzzle.

This document is easily edited in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. You will need one of those two programs to make changes and edit this document.


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This template is a starting point. It may not be appropriate to your individual circumstances or in your jurisdiction. For personalized advice, you should engage an attorney. Sandwich Smarter and its affiliates do not guarantee, and are not liable for, the validity or enforceability of these forms across all jurisdictions.