Sandwich Smarter: Legal Forms for Families

Exploring Marijuana, CBD, Cannabis, and Hemp

Colorful cannabis gummy bears. Exploring Marijuana, CBD, cannabis, and hemp

Women in their 40s and 50s (like us at SS) are a fast-growing segment of U.S. legal cannabis users, closely followed by older Americans. In other words, sandwichers are trying the new array of products on ourselves and the elders we care for, often for stubborn problems like pain, anxiety, and sleep.

Car Loan Consent

person driving car. Car loan consent

Loan or borrow a car from friends or family easily and safely with this customizable agreement.

Minor Travel Consent for Joint Custody

Child on adult's shoulders at airport. Minor travel consent for joint custody divorced parents travel abroad international airplane

Easy-to-use form to present to customs officials and others to show that a child of divorced parents is traveling with the other parent’s permission.

Checklist for Elder Care

Person using a walker with the help of a caregiver. Elder care checklist

Checklist of documents and resources for elder care, to help adult children think through issues as they care for their aging parents.

Medical Power of Attorney for Young Adult

Medical professional takes notes on a clipboard. Medical power of attorney for young adult hospital clinic doctor nurse teenager teen

Easy-to-use form of medical power of attorney. Once a child is 18, parents can’t talk to doctors or get information – unless they have the right forms in place first.